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on earth quakes

i decided to post these thoughts here because y'all are open minded, intelligent, and don't just take what folks say as word without looking into it for yourselves.

Further, this post doesn't really have anything to do with the sun, yet, y'all also observe Gaia and so i think you might find it interesting.... and quite possibly, useful.

What is the deal with earth quakes and why do they not follow any specific patterns?

The short answer is because they result from the application of the will of our planetary Mind.  In the same way as the movements of your arms do not have a any specific patterns (not driven by deterministic physical science - even tho the actual operation of your arm can be broken down to a series of physical phenomenon-)

Gaia has a Mind and She *chooses* what to do with Her various 'arms': be they storms, quakes, or volcanoes and so no algorithmic analysis will ever be useful or correct.

Many of you will find this fact hard to believe, but i have confirmed this hypothesis through a number of avenues, both empirically and metaphysically, and frankly, i don't care if you believe me or not...  though, if you *do* make this conceptual leap, many curious and unexplained earth phenomenon become much more sensible, be they storms or quakes...or even solar flares.

A place to start while questioning my ideas would be the haarp passive sensors: both the bulk magfield chart and the low frequency FFT (fast Fourier transform) chart.  If you obverse long enough (and i have been for nearly two years regularly), you should notice at least two correlations (i know, i know : correlation does not imply causation; nevertheless):

1: that when Gaia exhibits large fluctuations in Her magfield you will see an increase in hail storms, wind storms, and tornadoes.  Case in point: the most recent large fluctuations in Her field have caused massive hail storms in the united states as well as a couple of tornadoes (did you know that tornadoes ground the equivalent of several hundred thunder storms worth of electricity at the funnel tip?) : one in China and one in Georgia (US).

2: that when the haarp FFT chart (0-5 Hz) shows strong density at the 2.5 Hz line we see a huge in crease in earth quakes and magma flow.

She has a Mind and She makes choices: we are part of that Mind and play a roll in those choices... and the connection to that Mind begins with love.... love of Her and our planet.

true story.