James has leveraged the Cavaliers

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James has leveraged the Cavaliers

For rescuing his career from the depths of the draft lottery and delivering him into the shining chase, Kyrie Irving will be forever gracious to LeBron James. Together they made history in Cleveland. Titles last forever, but history shows that partnerships are temporary arrangements.

As much as anything, James has taught everyone -- including Irving -- that the best players on the planet can influence, shape and even control their fates and futures. James is responsible for the empowerment of the modern basketball super star, which speaks to an important lesson that's resonating with Irving: Influence terms before they're dictated to you.

Irving has observed the way James has leveraged the Cavaliers for commissions on the contracts of his agency's clients, observed the way James' signing of short-term contracts has tendency the will of an organization. James motivates a perpetual state of unrest and uncertainty, and everyone -- ownership and management, coaches and players -- is left struggling to satisfy him. This strategy has been profitable in important ways, including winning at the highest level.

In so many ways, James cheap basketball jerseys  has created the template for modern free agency, deal-making and profit-taking. From Cleveland to Miami and back again, ncaa basketball jersey  James has taught an NBA generation to share the ball, the wealth and, maybe most of all, the ownership of self in a billion-dollar industry.

This is why Irving's announcement of independence isn't a betrayal of LeBron James but an adoring of him. James isn't committed to the Cavaliers' future, and now neither is Irving. James has educated his starry peers: Never lose your leverage. And now Irving records his on the way to the door.

In enrolling his preference for a trade, league sources said, Irving divulged to Cleveland Cavaliers owner John Gilbert that he's become increasingly unsafe about a future that includes a roster constructed to complement LeBron James -- a roster that could be lacking James come free agency in 2018.

With James declining to commit to Cleveland beyond the coming season, and with the growing verdict that James is attracted with pursuing a Los angeles Lakers exit plan, Irving has become active in controlling his own career arc. The Cavaliers are constructed to play a slow, half-court game around James, personnel ill-suited college basketball jerseys  to transition into an up-tempo style with Irving as the centrepiece. The Cavs are paying Tristan Thompson college football jersey  and J. Third. Smith, James' Klutch Sports clients, for significant deals, and those contracts won't easily leave the Cavaliers' books.